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Vintage Comp UI Kit
Vintage Comp UI Kit

Vintage Comp UI Kit


Vintage VST GUI template 

Our new Vintage Kit is inspired by analogue racks. Exactly that beckons in terrific studios of sound designers and producers. Analogue instruments of that time is our inspiration, and give our users a little bit more of variety and possibility to customize interface for yourself.

You would love this Vintage Comp kit which was created based on old analogue sound processing compressors. It consists of specially designed gui elements such as faders, buttons, knobs, screens and VU-meter display. This template has 4 backgrounds, and a variety of knobs to create realistic vintage vst gui. 


  • GUI PSD 1X 984X324 px
  • GUI PSD 2X 1968X648 px
  • GUI Elements are rendered as separate png files in the assets folder 
  • GUI elements are thoughtfully organized into PSD
  • VU meter animation is rendered 128 frames and as a single image without arrow 
  • Chicken knob animation 13 frames
  • Big and middle knob animated 128 frames per frame and as png filmstrips

Typeface used, not included: Azoft Sans, LaoUi Bold