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About us

Excited and driven — that’s how our founders felt when their Reaper themes got wildly popular. With Rado, Reborn, and other variations of audio UI, they created something people loved to use, and they knew they could achieve the same with other pieces of software.

And that’s how Voger Design was born back in 2012. Two passionate visionaries, Nataliia Hera and Vitaliiy Vostrykov, knew that if they built the right GUI design for audio tools, the software that used to be overlooked would become irresistible to use. With Nataliia’s knack for meaningful aesthetics and business and Vitaliiy’s software expertise, the duo unlocked the way to get to the music-maker’s heart. And they’re far from being done.

Check our projects

Wave Arts – Panorama 7
Bogren Digital – MLC Subzero 100
Blackstar Amps – St. James Plugin
Drumforge – Drumflex
AudioImperia – Jaeger
Heavyocity – Distortion Designer
HAVE Audio – Nordisk Contrabass

What we do

Although our clients often say we do magic, we simply create things that feel like magic. Eye-catching audio UI designs, stunning 2D, 3D and motion visuals for software and hardware audio tools, always honoring your unique vision and product. All done on time with impeccable communication and teamwork.

So whether you want to found a music production start-up or you’re an established player in the biz, don’t hesitate to reach out. Really, we love creating custom GUI designs that are inspiring as well as engaging.


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Why us

We’re experienced visionaries with the highest standards and a deep know-how of music gear business. We know what works! Being the first design studio in the industry solely dedicated to creating UX and UI designs, we know how to give you the best results.

When you want to make your audio tool come to life, we will design a detailed action plan based on solid research. We’ve been collecting and analyzing data on the way people buy and use audio tools— and why —since our company began in 2012. This means that our long-term industry experience combined with up-to-date strategies ensures an effective roadmap to design, build, and promote your plugin.

What the media says about us

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Our clients

70% of our customers return again. Here’s what they say about our work.


Have you ever wondered why some businesses thrive while others struggle, despite having equally talented individuals at their helm?

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    People ask


    • What types of service can I order?

      We can offer a custom design for:

      • Audio GUI
      • 3D Interfaces
      • Marketing Graphics
      • 3D Modelling
    • How can I order a custom graphic design?

      Please fill the Contact Us form and we will get in touch very soon.

    • What are your prices?

      The price depends on many project details so please get in touch with us to get a precise quote.

    • Can you start a new project now?

      Usually, we can start in about a month so please make sure to contact us well in advance to complete the project in time.

    • Can you sign an NDA?

      Of course, we can sign it before discussing any details with you.

    • What details do I need to send?

      We’d ask you for the following:

      • Product description
      • Target Audience
      • Unique Selling Point
      • Sketches (or a list of controls)
      • Preferred style references
      • Delivery format
      • Timeframe

      We can send you a special form to list it all.

    • When should I pay for it?

      Usually, we take a small advance payment to book the time in our schedule for you, and then a final payment based on the work completed. If the project is complex and takes several months we can split the final payment. You can get a detailed report of what’s been done.