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Thanks to our talented and laser-focused team, we managed to design for more than 300 incredible brands such as Korg, Slate Digital, Antares, Sonimus, Toolroom, and many more. And we can't wait to create more designs!

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Main focus: logic. The UX Designer takes your initial idea and expertly transforms it into an intuitive user experience prototype. It’s done with respect to specific user expectations, correct proportions, grid alignments, hierarchy of functions, and fonts.
UX Designer
UX Designer Skills

Why us

Voger is the first company that specializes in creating interfaces for audio software and has a key difference from competitors — creating an interface by a team, as opposed to one full-time designer or a hired freelancer

  • Our Process

  • Research

    At the heart of our process lies thorough research. We delve deep into understanding user preferences, market trends, and client goals. This initial phase sets the foundation for our design journey, ensuring that every decision is rooted in valuable insights and data.

  • UX (User Experience)

    With research as our compass, we craft an exceptional user experience. We accurately design the product's skeleton, ensuring that functionality takes the forefront. This stage forms the blueprint that guides users seamlessly through the interface, ensuring a user-centric approach from the outset.

  • UI (User Interface)

    Our UI design is not just about style; it's about creating a lasting brand identity. We infuse creativity into our designs, aiming to establish a brand style that stands the test of time. Every detail is carefully transferred into coder assets, ensuring a visually pleasing and functional interface.

  • Delivery

    Precision and reliability define our delivery process. We meticulously package our designs, whether in 3D or 2D, and ensure they seamlessly integrate with platforms like JUCE, WebGL, VST or Kontakt. The end result is a product that not only meets our rigorous standards but also aligns with branding, product pages, and logos.

  • Promo

    To ensure our creations captivate the audience, we complement our designs with custom promo graphics and animations. These are strategically incorporated into thoughtfully planned pages and presentations, creating a powerful marketing tool that elicits a "wow" effect and drives sales.

Dream workflow to deliver your dream product. Voger Design is the world’s first company solely focused on creating audio software interfaces, which means you can rely on a team of highly skilled specialists for the smoothest software production process.

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