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Our custom design services aim to elevate your product, capturing user value and leaving a lasting impression, reflecting the dedication you’ve put into its development!

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  • Product Logo in PNG/vector format
  • Kontakt Store Header in PNG
  • UI design exported to Kontakt-format PNG assets
  • UI Design created in Figma
  • High-resolution PNG artworks for products
  • Product Motion Promo in AVI/MP4 format
Clear terms of the deal, a predictable budget, prompt communication, and the highest quality of graphics delivered.
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  • AudioImperia – Jaeger

    AudioImperia – Jaeger

    Jaeger's UI design aims to align with its theme of modernity and robotics. It incorporates intricate and weighty robotic signature elements throughout the interface, creating a visually engaging experience.

  • HAVE Audio – Nordisk Contrabass

    HAVE Audio – Nordisk Contrabass

    The design of Nordisk Contrabass focuses on capturing the ethereal beauty of Scandinavian landscapes. It prominently features a central knob with a crystallization animation, emphasizing the connection with nature.

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  • Luftrum – Lunaris 2

    Luftrum – Lunaris 2

    Lunaris 2's design revolves around a modern and futuristic aesthetic, characterized by a dark color scheme and illuminated controls. While the initial concept included a moon-shaped knob motif, the final design shifted towards a more user-friendly knob design with familiar materials.