Behind the Scenes: The St. James Plugin Designing Journey

6 October, 2023

Inception and Planning

This plugin is based on the high-end amp release, the St. James series.

St. James high-end amp release Image

We first discussed the initial ideas our client had, combined them with ours, and came up with a plan.

St. James plan Image

Crafting the User Experience

Our next step was to create a functional UX prototype of the plugin in Figma. The main task at this stage was to ensure that the interface was user-friendly and intuitive.

St. James functional UX prototype Image

The Art of Replication

After extensive work on the UX, we proceeded to develop the UI. The client tasked us to authentically replicate the materials and lighting of the amp from studio photos provided. Can you distinguish between renders and actual photos in the image below?

St. James renders and actual photos Image

From 3D Rendering to Final Touches

The project followed our standard pipeline. We rendered the foundational images in a 3D editor.

St. James in a 3D editor Image

Next, in Photoshop we applied adjustment layers, finalized UI elements, created basic animations, and so on.

St. James in Photoshop Image

Meticulous Model Creation

We used a similar approach to create the remaining pages of the plugin.

St. James creating the rest of the plugin pages Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo closeup a 01 Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo closeup d 01 Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo preFX 01 Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo closeup c 01 Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo eq1 Image

The most voluminous part of the work in this plugin was the creation of the CABRIG page.

St. James the CABRIG page Image

Eleven distinct cabinet models needed to be generated, each with two positions (left and right). Additionally, we crafted six microphone models, also with two positions, each having two individual angles of tilt toward the cabinets. All cabinet and microphone models were meticulously recreated to match the originals. And we designed individual icons for the selection menu of each of these items.

St. James eleven distinct cabinet models Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo closeup b b 01 Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo closeup b 01 Image

The Result and Beyond

In the end, we achieved an impressively cool result, which we are very pleased with, and most importantly, the client is also satisfied. Developing the St. James Plugin was an immensely engaging experience. We gained a wealth of new expertise from working on such an extensive product.

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo c 02 Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo e 01 Image

Blackstar Guitar Plugin promo a 01 Image