Reviving ANA Plugin: A Visual Transformation Tale

25 September, 2023

The Skin Transformation

In this project, our task was to develop a new skin for the existing ANA plugin by Sonic Academy. Since it was a skin, we focused solely on the UI aspect without altering the product’s layout.

The Skin Transformation Image

From Mood Board to Design Stage

Initially, a product mood board was created, suggesting color schemes, fonts, and control styles.

Ana2 Moodboard Image

During the first design stage, the model was shaped and rendered in Blender3D, and then refined in Photoshop.

Blender3D and Photoshop model Image

Nurturing Authenticity: Designing Controls for ANA Plugin

Every section of the synthesizer was given a distinct style to effectively convey the user experience derived from interacting with real rack devices.

ANA2 Plugin section style Image

Numerous controls of diverse shapes and materials were selected based on references from the original instrument.

ANA2 Plugin numerous controls Image

Despite the complexity and time invested in crafting the controls, they collectively provide the sensation of that distinctive analog era.

ANA2 Plugin provide sensation distinctive analog era Image

Bridging Past and Present

For the screen GUI, we merged elements of old analog aesthetics with modern flat graphics.

ANA2 Plugin merged elements Image

What’s more, each section boasts its own unique fonts, carefully chosen to emphasize the uniqueness of each segment of this synth.

ANA2 Plugin unique fonts Image

ANA2 EuroRack promo 01 Image

ANA2 EuroRack promo 04 Image

ANA2 EuroRack promo 02 Image

ANA2 EuroRack promo 03 Image

Ana2 EuroRack concept a 2x 29 Image

Ana2 EuroRack concept a 2x 23 Image